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Why You Need Fluoride

One major component of general dentistry care is fluoride treatments. In addition to getting professional-grade fluoride treatments at your dental office, your teeth should receive fluoride from ...
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Invisalign vs. Braces: Which Is Right for You?

Crooked teeth can be distressing at any age. Whether you’re an adolescent, young adult, or older adult, teeth straightening is a smart investment in your oral health and your self-confidence. ...
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Here's Why You Have White Patches in Your Mouth

Do you have white, thickened patches of skin on the inside your mouth that cannot be scraped away? If so, then you may be dealing with a condition sometimes seen in general dentistry called ...
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Cosmetic Dentistry Alternatives to Porcelain Veneers

If you’re a poor candidate for porcelain veneers because you suffer from bruxism or too little tooth enamel, then you may be wondering what other cosmetic treatments are available for enhancing ...
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Causes of Bleeding Gums Other Than Gum Disease

In general dentistry, it’s common for dentists to treat patients who assume that it’s normal for their gums to bleed when they floss or brush their teeth. In truth, bleeding gums are a ...
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Are You Among the 65 Million Americans with Periodontal Disease?

Dental cleanings and checkups are important for protecting your oral health. These visits allow your dentist to check your mouth for signs of disease and decay. Also, your dental hygienist can help ...
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Am I a Good Candidate for In-Office Teeth Whitening?

Getting professional dental cleanings every six months will help your teeth stay beautiful and healthy. But sometimes, not even regular checkups at the dental office can keep those pesky stains away. ...
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Preserving the Results of Your Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a great way to renew your smile and help you appear younger. It often accompanies dental cleanings to take full advantage of solid, professional dental care. You can ...
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Understanding Scaling and Root Planing

Professional dental cleanings are essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. If you do not receive a cleaning from your dentist at least once a year, then you may be at risk for advanced gum ...
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Are You at Risk of Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is a serious concern for all types of people. However, you may have a heightened risk of developing oral cancer if you engage in certain activities, such as using tobacco. These habits and ...
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Why You Shouldn't Skip Dental Check-Ups

Can you remember the last time you visited a general dentistry office for a dental cleaning and check-up? You should see your dentist at least once per year to help promote the health of your teeth ...
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What Causes Gum Disease?

Regular visits to your general dentistry provider for dental cleanings and check-ups protect not only your teeth but your gums, as well. When allowed to accumulate on your teeth, plaque and tartar can ...
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Is Invisalign Right for You?

One of the most common problems seen in general dentistry is misaligned teeth. When your teeth aren’t straight, this can affect both your appearance and long-term dental health. However, ...
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An Introduction to Dental Veneers

Everyone wants to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile, and when it comes to general dentistry, some of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures include dental implants and teeth whitening. ...
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Are Dental Veneers Right for You?

A nice smile can make you more comfortable in social situations and more confident in your appearance, and modern dentistry provides a few different solutions that can help you achieve yours. Dental ...
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The Basics of Oral Tissue Biopsies

Your dentist can perform a variety of tests to screen you for dental health problems and find out if you could use oral surgery. One type of test your dentist might use is an oral tissue biopsy, ...
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Gum Recession 101

Gum recession is when your gums pull away from your teeth, but why does it happen? This is a symptom of gum disease, and it could mean that you’re not taking care of your teeth properly. Check ...
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A Patient's Guide to Dentures

You can lose your teeth for many reasons, but it tends to happen as you get older. This is why older people can often benefit from dentures, which, like dental implants, can restore their smiles and ...
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What to Expect When Your Periodontist Performs an Oral Tissue Biopsy

You might not have had an oral tissue biopsy before, so you’re probably wondering what you’re getting into. A biopsy from your general dentistry professional involves the removal of a ...
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Could a Sleep Apnea Appliance Help You Get More Rest?

Getting a good night’s sleep can be tricky if you have sleep apnea, and it can even be tricky if your partner has the condition. Thanks to sleep apnea appliances, general dentistry might have ...
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Spotlight on the Dental Veneer Process

If you’re unhappy with the shape, size, condition, or color of your teeth, then dental veneers can help. These porcelain, thin shells are attached to the surfaces of the teeth to improve the ...
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Highlighting the Benefits of Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, dental implants offer a natural-looking solution without the need for special care once they are in place. Could implants be the right solution for you? Here is a look at ...
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How a Misaligned Bite Can Affect Your Oral Health

If you have misaligned teeth, your smile isn’t the only thing that is affected. When you go for your next general dentistry checkup, ask your dentist if your bite is impacting your oral health ...
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Answers to Your Questions About Gum Disease

Gum disease can be devastating to your oral health. It can lead to pain, bleeding, lost teeth, and the needs for dental implants. Getting regular dental cleanings is a major part of preventing gum ...
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The Patient's Guide to Composite Bonding

If you like the idea of veneers but you’re turned off by their permanence, you might want to talk to your dentist about dental bonding. This treatment can fix blemishes in your smile and ...
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